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24th-Sep-2011 10:26 pm - Another Meme

The Harry Potter Meme
Ever wonder what it would be like if your character was placed in the world of Harry Potter as a witch or wizard? Then here's your chance to find out! Here's how it goes:

★ Post a blank comment with your character, with their name and canon in the tagline.
★ Others will comment by going to the RNG and putting in the numbers 1-10 (1-20, if you also want to include the Hogwarts catagoy) to get a scenario.
★ And play out the scenario!
★ Alternately, the person who posts the blank comment can specify if they just want the Hogwarts catagory or just the wizarding one.
★ Profit, right???

The Wizarding World

1. The best thing to do in a situation such as riding on a dragon is to just enjoy the ride. Let the wind blow in your hair and the bugs in your eyes.

2. You're an Auror and your job is to now find the Death Eaters and catch them. Good luck!

3. Are you working at the bank?  Or just going in to grab some money out of your vault?  Which ever you're now in the famous Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

4. Not at the bank this time, instead you're at the Daily Prophet headquarters. Again whether you're a worker there or just a random bystandered visting is up to you.

5. You've encountered a group of giants somewhere in the mountains, aimlessly swinging around violently at everything in sight. What are you going to do to get out of this? Better think fast.

6. In this scenario you and your partner are two prisoners of Azkaban trying to plot your escape. You say you've been wrongly accused or perhaps you deserve to be put in there.

7. Something shady is going on in Knockturn Alley, you have to keep reminding yourself why you're there again. Surely this wasn't just a wrong turn.

8. What happens when you find out you're only half-blooded? Well you could be proud of it, confused, conflicted, or even disgusted with yourself.

9. It's professional quidditch at the staduim! So get your tickets, grab your brooms, and head on over!

10. Opps someone just drank a potion they shouldn't have. Love potion? Transfigure potion? Maybe it's one that makes you feel encouraged.

Attending Hogwarts

11. School's starting back up and you need to take a trip to Diagnal's Alley to get your school supplies. You might run into some familiar classmates while you're there.

12. After preparing for school the time has come to head on back to Hogwarts. So get on the train and find a place to sit, wandering around works too.

13. Feeling mischivoius are ya? Or maybe just curious. Either way you decide to treat yourself with an outing to the Forbbiden Forest...hopefully all goes well.

14. Maybe it's not your job to find the snitch, but you're now playing quidditch with your friends and/or classmates in the field. You could also just be practicing.

15. It's breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the Great Hall and you're enjoying a nice meal. Clearly you have to make conversion with your peers while you're at it...or maybe not.

16. You've encountered the friendly...or not so friendly neighborhood squid who lives in the lake. Will this end terribly? Or perhaps you'll get lucky with a much nicer ending? You decide.

17. You're in class and it's another boring lecture from the professor. How to pass the time, how to pass the time...

18. Time for a trip to Hogsmeade! Where are you going to go from here? The Three Broomsticks? Honeydukes? Or perhaps the Shrieking Shack? The choices are vast. Who knows, you might also be a younger student sneaking along for the ride, just try not to get caught.

19. Mid-terms or finals are coming up, so you decided the best thing to do would be to head to the library to study. If you're able to keep your attention on it for that long that is.

20. Gotta send that letter to grandma, or someone at least, so going to the owlery is a must.
9th-Aug-2011 08:56 pm - The Wooing Meme

Okay here's how it goes!

♛ Comment with your character.

♛ Others will comment to you.

♛ Go to RNG and enter numbers 1-10 to get a scene.

♛ One of the two will try wooing the other using the scene (or both try wooing each other at the same time).

♛ Comment to others if preferred.

♛ Lather, rinse, and repeat.


1. It's tea time! One of you is drinking tea somewhere. Could be at a table in a restaurant or just at a bench in the park. Where ever the case, this is good way to meet someone, right? Right?

2. Did somebody call for a massagist? Your back seems tense! Let me massage it for you. This certainly isn't a way to hit on someone, nope.

3. Call me/Let's go to my place.  Lemme get your number while I still can or we can share some wine up in my apartment.  Pick one of the two!  Or both.

4. Oops! Excuse me miss. Ever have one of those days where you just aren't thinking straight? It's one of those times and you better pay attention, you don't want to trip and fall over that person you almost ran into.

5. Drunken antics. The best kind. Either both of you are drunk or just one, this is a good way to pick up chicks.

6. Let's go clubbin'. Or to dinner...or...Well you get the idea. It's time for a night out of town!

7. AHHHHHHH!!!  The weirdest place yet to try and woo someone?  A haunted house of course.  Hey...was that a ghost?

8. Trapped. As it says you're both in a small area somewhere trapped, no way out. Could be a room. Could be a closet. One thing's for sure, you're not leaving any time soon.

9. Chuck Norris has nothing on me. Either way you're trying to do something extremely impressive to win over your lover's (or not) heart. I think this call for a daring stunt!

10. Someone call the police. There's a stalker out my window...I want a restraining order right now.
♛ I call first!
2nd-Jul-2009 09:26 pm - Muse List
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