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Out of Character Information

player name: Cal
player livejournal: golden_rod
playing here: Yuma
where did you find us? Already here!
are you 16 years of age or older?: Yup!

In Character Information

character name: Locke Cole
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Timeline: Sometime near the end of the game
character's age: 25

powers, skills, pets and equipment:
Being a thief, Locke has learned to be quick on his feet and be with high reflexes, it comes with stealing things all the time after all. He is able to steal an item/weapon (or multiple objects at a time) from opponents as he fights, and may even be able to attack at the same time. Along with his swift movement he is also very good with using several types of weapons such as swords and boomerangs, but his specialty are different types of small throwing daggers and knives. He’s a master at them. Locke also has his own desperation attack which is rarely used but when it is used it can be very effective, he leaps into the air leaving behind a mirage and strikes his opponents with great force.

Also, Locke is always very usefully in the groups he's in because of his ability to open almost any lock, he's an expert at picking locks. Going along with the fact that he can pick locks, his adventurous side is also very useful. He travels around to a lot of areas and holds many maps, so his knowledge of lands and where things are are above most other people. Not to mention his knowledge of surviving out in the wilderness. He has also learned to be a quick thinker, Locke can be pretty insightful when he wants to be and when faced with danger will usually come up with something that'll help him in that moment.

canon history: Bio and canon summary

personality: Fist thing's first. Locke is an adventurer, as a child he traveled with his father all over, and as one he carries the traits of bravery and spunk. He's not afraid to speak his mind or face a tougher opponent than himself, which also gives him lots of vigor meaning his spirit is endless and ongoing. He loves traveling the lands, if only to see the many sights and will gladly face (almost) any new world. Locke is the type that would rather spend the night outside rather than indoors and almost usually has outdoor tools - such as a tent - handy, he's your more woodsy kind of person, although if offered he would sleep indoors. But his main motive for traveling is to look for old artifacts or relics and take them.

Yes Locke is a thief, but he's more of your everyday Robin Hood type than your petty robber type. His father was a treasure hunter and after he died, the town Locke grew up in accused Locke of being a no good thief. This more than likely contributed to Locke hating when people call him just a common thief (sometimes he’ll even threaten people if they do), he rather be called a treasure hunter or something to that degree. Though in a sense he can also be considered a treasure hunter too, Locke does have maps he steals carries around with him that often lead to real treasures.....some times he doesn't even have to take them without permission when he finds them. You can say he becomes excited by all of this and is very passionate about what he does. But of course despite that, usually when he does steal it's only when he really needs something, for a good cause, or to get back at someone he hates. He does have his morals.

Despite all of that, he is the farthest thing from a bad person there is. Locke is actually very laid back and friendly towards people, he's always up to doing a little goofing off or drinking and can be seen cracking jokes with or at people, more particularly at Edgar whom he seems to have some sort of brotherly/bff relationship with. Though his strong spirited and friendly nature is shown on the outside, on the inside Locke is suffering from something much greater. When he was younger after his father died he met a girl by the name of Rachel who he liked a lot. However her father did not like him and Locke went somewhere dangerous with her to prove him wrong, where he ended up saving her from near death. Rachel's father kicked him out and she agreed to this due to her loss of memory from the incident. He felt guilty for everything that had happened. There was another day where the village was attacked and Rachel was killed.

Not wanting the same thing to happen again after those two past events, Locke took to becoming a bit over protective of his friends, but a lot more specifically his female companions. In others words, if you're close to Locke he'll protect you to the end of the Earth to the point of sacrificing himself should the time call for it. He worries...A LOT about those close to him and if one of them tells him not to worry he will anyway. All in all he has a bit of a white knight complex, he likes to stick up for the little guy (or female more so in this case), as shown for wanting to save just about every girl throughout the series like Terra, Celes, Relm. etc. He made himself think by doing this he would be able to prevent Rachel's death and ease the guilt he felt.

However that really did nothing for him. He wants nothing more than to see Rachel again and should that mean going into extremely dangerous places to figure out ways to make it happen....chances are he'll do what it takes. One particular incident includes him finding the esper phoenix and going into a dangerous cave to retrieve it and revive Rachel. Though he sort of succeeds in doing so and bringing her back for a short time, she dies soon after. His once young vigor (that he lost for a while thanks to all the fighting and long lived guilt) is brought back after seeing her live just for that short time and after she tells him to stop feeling regretful. He tends to hold onto guilt for long periods of time and brood about it, even if he eventually learns to get over it. This also leads Locke to becoming a very stubborn man concerning certain things, but his heart is always in the right place.

Because of Kefka and his desire to take over his home world and destroy everything, Locke doesn't like the idea of someone abusing their use of power. He’s very set on riding of all the evils of the world and/or anybody with a dictatorish sense of justice, because really who would want that in the first place? No one of course, and Locke is the last who would. He won't be your friend otherwise. It was because of Kefka that his village was attacked and his lady friend died. This was one of his main drives for joining the returners in the first place, to bring down the power that was Kefka and restore the world back to a peaceful state. It wasn't until he saved and met Terra that he actually believed that could happen.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Well besides the fact that Locke comes from a similar steampunk setting and he fight monsters at home, he's overall just a strong individual who's willing to overcome and adapt to just about anywhere he gets sent. The setting's perfect for him.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample: This. Is. Treasure Hunting!

Third Person Sample: Locke found himself laying flat on his face, arms spread out, as the mystical door spat him out in the town. Ugh. Slowly lifting his head, he managed to pull himself up and get into a comfortable position to sit down. He had one hand clutching his head and a look of confusion on his face....What...just happened?

He may have been too dazed to notice his bandana was moved so that it was placed over one eye, not that he had any reason to complain about that in the first place. Think Locke. Think.

Then it pinged him.

"...Edgar? Sabin? Terra?!" He spoke loud and clear, yet no answer from anywhere, just weird looks from strangers passing by in the square. Damn. So they really didn't follow him here. But that brought up another point, where was here? Right, he should probably figure that out. Now fully standing up, Locke got to his feet making an attempt not to sway in the process and adjusted his bandana so it looked right. He rolled his shoulers, stretched his neck, and jogged to the nearest sign (feeling his energy coming back already) he could see.

"Anatole?" He asked out loud, scratching his chin. "Near...well not near anywhere I know, never head of this town." He turned his head to look to his left. "Better find shelter then, after I look around some more of course."

The treasure hunter took one last look at the big door he came out of and turned his heel heading off more into the business of the unkown city. He had hoped to find anwsers to the questions he wanted and hopefully his friends, especially Terra, he was worried the most about her and the fact she had a crazy clown out to kill her. It was time to go look about.

Anything else? Nope!
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