Kingdom of Denmark (tuboooorg) wrote in redbier,
Kingdom of Denmark

The Wooing Meme

Okay here's how it goes!

♛ Comment with your character.

♛ Others will comment to you.

♛ Go to RNG and enter numbers 1-10 to get a scene.

♛ One of the two will try wooing the other using the scene (or both try wooing each other at the same time).

♛ Comment to others if preferred.

♛ Lather, rinse, and repeat.


1. It's tea time! One of you is drinking tea somewhere. Could be at a table in a restaurant or just at a bench in the park. Where ever the case, this is good way to meet someone, right? Right?

2. Did somebody call for a massagist? Your back seems tense! Let me massage it for you. This certainly isn't a way to hit on someone, nope.

3. Call me/Let's go to my place.  Lemme get your number while I still can or we can share some wine up in my apartment.  Pick one of the two!  Or both.

4. Oops! Excuse me miss. Ever have one of those days where you just aren't thinking straight? It's one of those times and you better pay attention, you don't want to trip and fall over that person you almost ran into.

5. Drunken antics. The best kind. Either both of you are drunk or just one, this is a good way to pick up chicks.

6. Let's go clubbin'. Or to dinner...or...Well you get the idea. It's time for a night out of town!

7. AHHHHHHH!!!  The weirdest place yet to try and woo someone?  A haunted house of course.  Hey...was that a ghost?

8. Trapped. As it says you're both in a small area somewhere trapped, no way out. Could be a room. Could be a closet. One thing's for sure, you're not leaving any time soon.

9. Chuck Norris has nothing on me. Either way you're trying to do something extremely impressive to win over your lover's (or not) heart. I think this call for a daring stunt!

10. Someone call the police. There's a stalker out my window...I want a restraining order right now.
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